Mercury - Reasoning Ability ~ Planet of communication

Mercury is named after the ancient Roman Messenger God, who was lightfooted and fast, as he had wings as feet. He ruled communication, was clever with speech and invented music, mathematics and astronomy. Mercury also became the God of theieves, as he was cunning and was able to trick others with his intellect.

Mercury the planet rules all mental activities and communication of all forms. It rules reason, memory, writing and speaking. Short trips and everyday travel are also ruled by Mercury.

Mercury - placement in the chart ~ Communication style

Where Mercury is placed in a person's chart shows the manner in which the person communicates with others on all levels.

Basically Mercury represents:

  • ~ Communication
  • ~ Intellect
  • ~ Logic
  • ~ Rationalisation
  • ~ Sensory perception, especially mental

Interesting Bits about Mercury ~ What else?

  • ~ Symbolises - Intellectual capacity, expressiveness
  • ~ Rules - Gemini, Virgo
  • ~ Exaltation - Aquarius
  • ~ Detriment - Sagittarius, Pisces
  • ~ Fall - Leo
  • ~ Part of Body Ruled By Mercury - Central nervous system, vision, mouth, tongue, respiratory system, hards, arms, hormones

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