Star Signs - Sagittarius (The Archer)


(22 Nov - 21 Dec)

Keyword - optimism ~ Fire Sign - Mutable - Masculine

The Sun Sign Sagittarian is a fire sign who is outgoing, friendly and adventurous. They like variety and excitement. They tend to be travellers, either literally roaming the world, or if they cant do this, they will travel in their minds to the places they want to visit through the books they read and the programs they watch and everything they imagine.

Sagittarians make great friends, who always do favours for others without expecting a great deal in return. Not jealous or possessive, lots of fun to be around, no wonder people warm to them.

Sagittarius gets obsessed by every new hobby/interest/person, exploring everything about them to the nth degree, but once they have discovered everything they care to discover, off they are onto their newest obsession, sometimes even before they have even finished one project or even told their current partner they have met someone else.

They do not like to be restricted and find it difficult to work in jobs where they are confined to a boring job that requires them to sit at a desk all day. They need the freedom to express themselves and explore.

Sagittarians are straightforward and honest, sometimes too brutally honest for those who prefer their truth tempered with tact. They don't have a hidden agenda and are very clear with their words.

The Sagittarian is very hard to pin down to a deep, committed relationship with just one person, they need to know they have other options. Loyalty to one partner is not their strong point.

Positive Attributes ~
All the good bits

  • ~ Enthusiastic
  • ~ Happy-go-lucky
  • ~ Honest and fair-minded
  • ~ Inspiring
  • ~ Optimistic
  • ~ Scholarly

Challenging Attributes ~
Areas of improvement

  • ~ Argumentative
  • ~ Exaggerator
  • ~ Gambler
  • ~ Hot-headed
  • ~ Impatient
  • ~ Procrastinator

Celebrities with Sun Sign Sagittarius ~ Who are the celebrities with this personality style?

  • ~ Alyssa Milano
  • ~ Beatrice Dalle
  • ~ Brad Pitt
  • ~ Britney Spears
  • ~ Christina Aguilera
  • ~ Jane Fonda
  • ~ Katie Holmes
  • ~ Kim Bassinger
  • ~ Scarlett Johansson
  • ~ Tina Turner
  • ~ Tyra Banks

Interesting Bits ~ What else?

  • ~ Key Phrase - I SEE
  • ~ Lucky Day - Thursday
  • ~ Lucky Numbers - 5 & 7
  • ~ Part of Body Ruled By Sagittarius - Hips, Thighs, Upper Legs and Liver
  • ~ Best Colours - Purple
  • ~ Opposite Sign - Gemini
  • ~ Ruling Planet - Jupiter
  • ~ Birthstone - Turquoise
  • ~ Life Lesson - To learn how to really help others when the need it


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