Star Signs - Libra (The Scales)


(23 Sep -22 Oct)

Keyword - charm ~ Air Sign - Cardinal - Masculine

Sun Sign Librans are so charming and gracious, its hard not to like them. They are socially adept, make the perfect host or hostess as they always make their guests (and friends) feel comfortable and important.

The Sun in Libra imparts an attractive quality to these people, who others are always drawn to, whether it is for their looks, their style or just their manner.

The motto for Libra is "fairness" - they resent being treated in an unfair manner and will always do something about. They also get upset when they see unfairness in the world around them.

Librans need relationships to survive, they feel at their best when they are in love. They dislike conflict and will just walk away when attacked (after they have tried their best to mediate with no success).

They tend to coast on the surface of things, never getting too emotional and often stifling their own feelings, until they don't even know what they feel. They try too hard to please others and this makes them appear a little wishy-washy.

Librans have the unique ability to see things from every perspective and that is the main reason why they usually cannot make up their mind - they can see how a particular situation would benefit them from whichever decision they take and this makes it hard for them to actually make any decision at all.

Positive Attributes ~
All the good bits

  • ~ Artistic
  • ~ Co-operative
  • ~ Fair and just
  • ~ Peace-loving
  • ~ Persuasive
  • ~ Refined

Challenging Attributes ~
Areas of improvement

  • ~ Apathetic
  • ~ Fearful
  • ~ Fickle
  • ~ Flirtatious
  • ~ Indecisive
  • ~ Manipulative

Celebrities with Sun Sign Libra ~ Who are the celebrities with this personality style?

  • ~ Alicia Silverstone
  • ~ Avril Lavigne
  • ~ Brigitte Bardot
  • ~ Catherine Zeta-Jones
  • ~ Gwen Stefani
  • ~ Gwyneth Paltrow
  • ~ Hilary Duff
  • ~ Kate Winslet
  • ~ Michael Douglas
  • ~ Rita Hayworth
  • ~ Sigourney Weaver
  • ~ Viggo Mortensen

Interesting Bits ~ What else?

  • ~ Key Phrase - I BALANCE
  • ~ Lucky Day - Friday
  • ~ Lucky Numbers - 6 & 9
  • ~ Part of Body Ruled By Libra - Kidneys, Lower Back, Adrenal Glands, buttocks and appendix
  • ~ Best Colours - Blue and lavender
  • ~ Opposite Sign - Aries
  • ~ Ruling Planet - Venus
  • ~ Birthstone - Opal
  • ~ Life Lesson - To learn how to love yourself enough


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