Pluto - Transformation & Elimination ~ Planet of the unknown

Pluto is the ancient Roman God of the Underworld, of the physical and spiritual underworld and death. Pluto is a planet of major power, that is not yet really fully understood.

Pluto was so named by modern astronomers to be in line with the rest of the planets having the names of ancient Roman mythological Gods and Goddesses.

Pluto is the planet of regeneration - first of destruction and annihilation and then complete transformation. Pluto bestows the chance to start again, with a clean slate.

Pluto - placement in the chart ~ Inner strength style

Where Pluto is placed in a person's chart gives an indication of how they will be influenced by transformation within themselves.

Pluto affects generations of people as it is such a slow moving planet, so while it wont have a direct effect on an individual, it will have a general affect on them.

Basically Pluto represents:

  • ~ Evolution
  • ~ Regeneration
  • ~ Transformation
  • ~ Sustainability

Interesting Bits about Pluto ~ What else?

  • ~ Symbolises - Destruction, then transformation
  • ~ Rules - Scorpio
  • ~ Exaltation - not established
  • ~ Detriment - Taurus
  • ~ Fall - not established
  • ~ Part of Body Ruled By Pluto - Eliminative system, reproductive system, pituitary gland

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