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All about Astrology and the Planets ~ What can they tell us about ourselves?

Astrology has been around for thousands years, when people looked at the skies to work out what was going on around them. Astrology is the parent of the science of astronomy and for many thousands of years they were considered the same science.

Astronomy can be thought of as an objective science looking at calculations of the distant planets and galaxies, while astrology is complete subjective science. Astrology looks at calculations of planets and the aspects that these planets make, but in interpreting the horoscope is a completely subjective thing which is based on judgment.

Astrology tells us who we are, how other people perceive us and what our strengths and challenges are. Astrology helps us understand ourselves better and helps us work out who is better suited to us in terms of relationships.

The Planets

Astrology is a useful tool that we should use to help understand ourselves and to help us understand others as well.